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Author & Irish TV Chef Paul Treyvaud



"When your father is Ireland's Premier Master Chef and has cooked for the likes of Princess Grace, Mohamed Ali, Elvis and Frank Sinatra it's no big surprise that you choose the hospitality industry as your path too."


Paul Treyvaud is the youngest son of Ireland's greatest ever Master Chef, Michel Treyvaud. After finishing catering college, Paul worked in some of the top hotels in Ireland and abroad until deciding it was time to be his own boss. Paul, along with his brother Mark, bought what would become Treyvaud's Restaurant in 2003. Surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of Killarney, their awarding winning restaurant continues to go from strength to strength.

With the boom of the 'Foodie Expert' around 2010, Paul became frustrated at what he was seeing on our TV screens and decided to put his money where his mouth was and produced over 200 videos on YouTube. Insisting on zero script, no rehearsals and only one take; the result was some of the most original cooking and travel content ever seen. It wasn't long before he began to catch the eye of the national media. When he was singled out by Jamie Oliver as 'One to watch' in an online competition run by Simon Cowell his TV career took off.


After appearances on a full season of RTE's The Today Show and being a guest on The Saturday Night Show with Brendan O'Connor, Paul caught the eye of Ireland's newest TV Station, Irish TV. They snapped him up as their resident TV Chef. Paul went on to create, produce and present over 50 episodes of original content including his hugely popular Cooking with Treyvaud and Treyvaud Travels series. They were some of the highest viewed shows on the channel.

Author & Irish TV Chef Paul Treyvaud, Chef Mark Treyvaud, Master Chef Michel Treyvaud
Author & Irish TV Chef Paul Treyvaud

It wasn't long before Paul started to make waves on the international scene. He recently signed to one of the world’s leading global TV distribution companies, Flame Distribution. Flame Distribution have subsequently instigated their first major global breakthrough and sold Paul's first series of Treyvaud Travels to Amazon Prime to a viewing audience in excess of 200 million people worldwide. This 9 part series sees Paul travel all around Ireland, meeting some crazy characters, showcasing stunning Irish scenery and cooking some of the most amazing food imaginable in some of the wildest locations Ireland has to offer. Check out the series here.


Flame Distribution quickly snapped up Paul's brand new series, Treyvaud's Kitchen, where he takes you on a culinary adventure from his beautiful home in Kerry. With his original style of humour, he will teach you how to cook some incredible food without endless complications. You can watch the trailer here

With the debut of his best-selling book, The Hooker In The Lobby, Paul offers a witty, no holds barred account of what really happens behind the closed doors of the fast paced hospitality industry. He is now driven to complete his second book that’s currently in the pipeline. Paul is well known for being a ferociously determined individual that never gives up. It’s one of the reasons  why he has amassed a dedicated fan base online that continues to grow daily.

Author & Irish TV Chef Paul Treyvaud

Paul's motto is very simple: 

Often Copied, Never Matched!

Author & Irish TV Chef Paul Treyvaud
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